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Top 5 villages to visit in the Cotswolds this summer.

1. Stanton

Perfection comes to mind when you think of Stanton. The majority of houses in this beautiful village are made of the stunning Cotswold limestone; blooming flowers and wisteria line these charming Cotswold homes making Stanton one of the most prepossessing villages in the British isles. Whilst you are here stop off for a meal at The Mount Inn to take in the glorious homemade food and views towards the welsh mountains, be sure to book in advance as Stanton attracts many walkers as the famous Cotswold Way walking paths run through the village.

2. Castle Combe

Picture yourself 200 years ago back in time, what you would imagine a quintessentially English village might look like untarnished by modern day chaos, Castle Combe is this imagination. Untouched Cotswold architecture at its finest. A windy row of Cotswold cottages line the high street and make for a fabulous picture. Many people say it’s the prettiest village in England and they wouldn’t be far wrong! If you are staying in Bath it’s well worth a visit.

3. Snowshill

Snowshill is personally one of our favourite places to visit in the Cotswolds. Tucked away in the Cotswolds landscape the awe inspiring village brings fairytale dreams come to life. Snowshill Manor & Gardens is the main attraction to Snowshill village, the manor and gardens are a mix of historical treasures including Japanese war collections and lush gardens surrounded by intense hills creating a feeling of seclusion and peace. Snowshill Arms is well worth a stop for a local Donnington Brewery Ale too.

4. Bibury

Bibury is a charming Cotswold village just a short drive from Cirencester. Bibury is famous for the row of cottages; Arlington Row. The picturesque Arlington Row cottages were built in 1380 as a monastic wool store and is now protected by the National trust and is one of the most remarkable row of cottages in the world. Bibury Trout farm is also worth a visit to feed these fish and enjoy the surrounding colorful gardens whilst indulging in some homemade ice cream.

Whilst in Bibury also be sure to visit the hamlets of Winson, Coln clash royale hack Rogers and Coln St.Dennis.

5. Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter is a neighbour village to the popular town of Bourton-on-the-Water, it almost gets forgotten about but to those who forget they are missing out on a truly blissful village. The quiet inspiring village is the most enjoyed village by our guests who end up wanting to come back the next day. With the calming stream running through the Cotswold stone village and the old mill in the distance Lower Slaughter demonstrates pure tranquility. The secret to the village is the old mill shop with award winning ice cream to fur coats it provides something for everybody to browse upon, our guests always come out with a new gift we’ve never seen before!